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Government Regulation And Its Effect On Society Essay

The world is a complex and intricate machine, with many pieces to create a much larger thing. Government and society are simply pieces of the same machine that depend on each other. Likewise, government and society have the option to liberate or limit the activities of men and it is a necessary occurrence of life. Government is dependent on society because social behaviors exists wherever there are good or bad, proper or improper relationships between human beings. Humans install government from their own belief that human behavior is â€Å"self-centered† therefore society requires governing. Likewise, government oversight is needed in the economy as well as in society. The appropriate role of government in the economy is different from a typical liberal stance. Although the economy is an ever-changing machine that rises and falls due to no fault of its own some feel that government regulation is needed. Without government regulation in the economy, free market trade could set the bar for interest rates, trade tax, business monopolies, and currency value. â€Å"†¦the safety of the republic lay in the autocratic strength of its government†¦Ã¢â‚¬  this quote from Franklin Roosevelt’s Commonwealth Club Address displays how the main objective for a strong central government is to protect the people. To further protect the people of the United States, the presences of a strong government in the financial sector is crucial to prohibit the use of banks raising the interest rates to a level whereShow MoreRelatedGambling Is An Extremely Well Liked And Entertaining Activity For The Canadian Population1530 Words   |  7 Pageshas been noticed that, â€Å"Canadians spend more on legal, government-promoted gambling than on clothing, shoes and medicine combined† (Hutchison, 1999). In 1892 all forms of gambling were banned in Canada, with the exception of horse racing (Stevens, R., 2005). Throughout the years Canadians could gamble on horse races, which were charitable, and eventually lead to a Criminal Code amendment in 1969. This gave the federal and provincial governments use of the lottery and gambling profits to help fundRead MorePublic Participation and Internet Regulation1432 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"e-governance†, â€Å"e-government† and â€Å"e-democracy† reflects the increasing connection of online tools such as the Internet with the concept of public participation (Freeman, 2013). Does governmental regulation of the Internet necessarily not promote public participation then? I think not; to my mind, there are two different kinds of regulation – â€Å"positive† and â€Å"negative† regulation, implemented with the purpose of promoting and restricting participation respectively. Whether these regulations indeed do promoteRead MoreChinese Government Administration Of Coal Mine Safety Essay961 Words   |  4 Pagescaused the Chinese government to implement regulatio ns to improve the industry safety. With the establishment of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety (SACMS) the Chinese State Council was able to set up an independent and vertically integrated safety supervisory institution (Xunpeng, 2009). Despite a high number of deaths in China’s coal mines, the death rate is falling as measured by number of deaths per million tons because of the regulation (Xunpeng, 2009). This organization functionedRead MoreShould Drug Laws Be Restrictive?893 Words   |  4 PagesDrug laws are a big part of society and are constantly evolving within the government. There is a constant debate about whether drug laws should be more restrictive or less restrictive. More restrictive drug laws can create more dangerous roles in society because of the government standards. While less restrictive drug laws can also create danger within society due to government standards and show how restrictive laws do not work. Drug laws should remain less restric tive because the courts wouldRead MoreGovernment Regulations Essay796 Words   |  4 PagesGovernment Regulations on Businesses Advantages and Disadvantages Samuel Pinckney Grantham University Abstract This paper will discuss the proposed views on the advantages and disadvantages of government regulations on businesses. Government Regulations on Businesses Advantages and Disadvantages There are advantages and disadvantages that may be associatedRead MoreThe Great Railroad Strike Of 1877837 Words   |  4 Pagescorruption of politics. The society they showed made many Americans felt as though the fundamental principles and promises were violated. This is how progressivism was formed; a way to fix the broken society that many Americans now suffered in. Progressivism arose in various places from 1890 to 1917. It had many different focuses ranging from social justice emphasis to economic and political emphasis. There were three areas the movement wanted to reform: efforts to make the government cleaner (less corruptRead MoreEssay about Consumerisms Role in Americas Economy904 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is the effect of consumerism on the American economy? The father of modern economics and capitalism, Adam Smith, maintained that ambition and acquisitiveness, two drivers of a market economy, were merely illusions. He believed it is these illusions that compel a society to work for what they believe will make them happy which, in turn, leads to a consumer-driven economy. Indeed, consumerism broadens a society’s economy through a wider selection of goods and services, but does it also increaseRead MoreThe Case Of Lucas V South Carolina Coastal Council Of 1992886 Words   |  4 Pagesland refers â€Å"to government seizure, regu lation, or intrusion on private property for which the owner is entitled to compensations under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution† (Halbert, Terry, Inguilli, Elaine, 2012). There is also regulatory takings, which is the â€Å"newly enforceable restrictions on the use of ones property, such as a newly adopted restrictions on building in certain areas of wetlands.† (Halbert, Terry, Inguilli, Elaine, 2012). All over the world governments take private landRead MoreA Report On The Biggest Foreign Investment1371 Words   |  6 Pagesforeign investment in Australia in mining sector. In analysing the case, essay explains how the relationship between government and business can be seen in this investment deal. This investment deal has gained much attention in Australia as it may have substantial environmental effects. This investment will have the sole control of a foreign company and will have big environmental effects, so has come under scanner. The first part of the essay explains the overview of the case and second part of theRead MoreThe Drug Prohibition Of The United States Of America1629 Words   |  7 Pagesand productivity (Defeis 102). Whereas there were many powerful organizations that called for the prohibition or suppression of alcoholic stimulants, there were no anti-opiate organizations which mean that the drugs were not taken as menace to the society (Defeis 102). Although for the call of the suppression of alcohol, it was regulated and therefore, it is still legal to consume alcohol. It appears that the passing of the Harrison Act was driven by the association of opium with minority Chinese American

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The Origins of Roman Religion and Its Progress Essay

The Origins of Roman Religion and Its Progress Introduction ============ Throughout the ages, beliefs have changed, advanced, and occasionally begun. In the time of Ancient Rome, the people began observing one religion; that which was similar to the Greeks; the pantheon. Through the Roman Empire, the worship of twelve central deities was observed carefully. The Romans themselves began all the beliefs contained within the worship. This was of great importance to the Roman people, and helped the empire to expand through its strong religious centre. The presence of the gods gives the past a certain dignity, and if any nation deserves to be allowed to claim that its ancestors were gods,†¦show more content†¦Many of their festival days remain in our society today; floralia (May Day), lupercalia (Valentines Day), All Fools Day (April Fools Day) and Saturnalia (Christmas). As in our present society, we come together on Christmas Day to listen to the Queens Speech or such like, in Ancient Rome the citizens would all stand and watch the festivals pass through the forum or a similar place. The Roman Forum where festivals would have taken place. The layout of Roman religion The majority of worship took place in the many temples in the centre of Rome, an idea taken from the Etruscans. These people also instigated the production of statues of the gods and goddesses within and around the temples. The temples were, in effect, the stage for religious activity. Here citizens would come to worship, pray in times of personal crisis and atone of their sins. In times of national and empirical crisis, the temples would also be used to perform animal sacrifices. These were also performed on festival days. Roman religion was, in some ways, very similar to the social ladder of Rome itself. At the head was the emperor, who would eventually become a deity after his death. Below him would come the Pontifex Maximus, or the chief priest. Julius Caesar held this position at one time, which was very helpful to his political career. The Pontifex MaximusShow MoreRelatedThe Relationship Between Religion And Science1056 Words   |  5 Pagesbetween religion and science? In his book, Consilience, Edward O. Wilson aims to find a unified theory of knowledge. Consilence also seeks to show how science is superior to and can replace religion. In this paper, I intend to show how Wilson understands this relationship and science as well as how. as well as show John Stuart Mill would agree or disagree with Wilson. Science â€Å"aims to save the spirit, not by surrender but by the liberation of the human mind† (Wilson, 7). Both religion and scienceRead MoreThe Second Vatican Council And The Future Of The Church1476 Words   |  6 Pagespresses forward and the earth continues to revolve, the world will never stop progressing and adapting to better suit the needs of mankind. The evolution of religion has greatly enhanced the quality of life for humanity by providing individuals with a strong belief system that is now the foundation of many peoples’ core values. One universal religion that has undergone extensive amounts of reform is Christianity. In particular, the Catholic church is well-known for the development of their famous ecumenicalRead MoreThe Decline Of The Roman Civilization1357 Words   |  6 Pagesareas and directly changed the lives of many who were under their rule. The Roman civilization was one of these massive empires that lasted for over a thousand years, and i t has had a powerful influence on the world ever since. The impact of the Romans is not just the hegemony that they had over the groups of people around them while they were in power; it is also the political, social, and cultural implications of the Roman civilization on societies today. This impact was not derived without centuriesRead MoreThe Legacy Of An Empire1357 Words   |  6 Pagesareas and directly changed the lives of many who were under their rule. The Roman civilization was one of these massive empires that lasted for over a thousand years, and it has had a powerful influence on the world ever since. The impact of the Romans is not just the hegemony that they had over the people groups around them while they were in power, it is also the political, social, and cultural implications of the Roman civilization on societies today. This impact was not derived without centuriesRead MoreEssay about The Influence of Religion on Scientific Advancement1737 Words   |  7 PagesReligion is an intricate part of society. It has existed since the beginning of civilization and continues expanding today. This physical organization of personal beliefs has created wars and revolutions; nations and constitutions. In a subject as controversial as that of faith, it is often difficult to discern if it has benefitted humanity. One especially relevant issue today is religion’s influence on science. Throughout history, it is evident that religious movements have occasionally impededRead MoreAncestral Worship as Religion According to Herbert Spencer and Bhil Tribe.2269 Words   |  10 PagesAncestral Worship as Religion The Ghost-Theory of Herbert Spencer Brief reference may be made to Spencers well-known theory which finds the origin of religion in the worship of ancestors appearing in the form of ghosts. The awe inspired by dead {death}, and the fear created by the dead who had passed beyond the control of the living, constitute the two factors which arouse a new sense in man; and as far back as we can go men are seen offering sacrifices to the spirits of their ancestors. This HerbertRead MoreControversy Over Religion s Impact On Society1266 Words   |  6 PagesDevin Arrants Ms. Sidle English III AP/DC per. 3 3 November 2015 Word Count: 1328 The Controversy of Religion in A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court Religion provides answers, evokes a sense of comfort in the unknown, and designs a moral code; however controversy now surrounds this subject regarding whether religion’s impact is more detrimental or beneficial to a society as a whole. Mark Twain’s narrator, Hank Morgan, travels back in time and attempts to accelerate the advancement of theseRead MoreOlympian Gods of Greek Mythology1012 Words   |  5 Pagesto explain the events and components of the world around them. Their religion included gods and heroes, creation stories, and the origins of their civilisations and rituals. It is topic that had been studied and examined in great depth for thousands of years. This fascinating religions messages and influences are reflected in today’s modern society, and many similarities can be found between Greek mythology and modern religions, such as Christianity. This proposal will outline the research and projectRead MoreMulticulturalism Is An Essential Symbol Of The Canadian Heritage And Identity Essay1106 Words   |  5 PagesPromoting Multiculturalism: As it is considered that Canada’s officials policy of multiculturalism inspires a diversity of religions as part of the diversity of cultures. The multiculturalism Act 1988 proclaims that â€Å"Multiculturalism is an essential symbol of the Canadian heritage and identity.† The government and the public school system always give effort to promote the sense of multiculturalism. The ideals of the multiculturalism are helping the minorities to breathe their faiths and beliefsRead MoreComparing The Italian And Italian Renaissance1748 Words   |  7 Pagesmarked the transition of Europe from the medieval period to the Early Modern Europe. The term renaissance is in essence a modern one that came into currency in the nineteenth century, in the work of historians such as Jacob Burckhardt. Although the origins of a movement that was confined largely to the literate culture of intellectual endeavor and patronage can be traced to the earlier part of the 14th century, many aspects of Italian culture and society remained largely medieval; the Renaissance did

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Marco Polo and Ponce de Leon Free Essays

My two explorers are Marco Polo and Ponce De Leon. Marco Polo was one of the most famous westerner travelers. He traveled across Asia. We will write a custom essay sample on Marco Polo and Ponce de Leon or any similar topic only for you Order Now He sailed south from Venice, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. He also explored an area south of Beijing and the coast of china which is now Vietnam. Ponce de Leon sailed for Florida in the Americas. The reason why Marco Polo did his exploration was to find all kinds of different goods to trade. He did this because he was learning about trading goods. He was able to find perfumes, jewels, porcelain, and silk garments. He made lots of money while he stayed in Khan’s court. Pone de Leon’s reason for his expedition was because he was hurt by the king’s action for making Columbus’ son governor so he sailed off. Also he reason was to find new lands and treasures. Another thing was the Fountain of Youth, which was a mythical spring that the Indians spoke of. The Fountain of Youth was believed to make older people young again. Some of Marco’s hardships came when he was traveling to the Gobi Desert. It was hard without camels and was very hot. It was also hard not having food or water. Some times Marco felt like he was in a dream because he would hear frightening sounds, he would see ghost figures of his friends, and was having weird illusions. Some of Ponce de Leon’s hardships that he faced where he was ambushed by the Calusa Tribe. He was ambushed by them on his way back to Florida to start a farming colony. He was shot in the thigh by an arrow and was seriously wounded, so they decided to sail back to Cuba. The result of Marco’s expedition was that he ended up in prison because he was in war against the Genous and was captured. The result of Ponce de Leon’s expedition was that he never found the gold or the mythical fountain. Also he died at 61 because of he serious wound. How to cite Marco Polo and Ponce de Leon, Essay examples

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Evolution of Life Theory of Earth Formation

Questions: Give an account of the first TWO billion years of the planet including its formation (and its moon's formation, if so desired). Emphasise what rock-derived evidence allows us to conclude about the effects that the first cellular life forms had on planetary conditions. Discuss briefly but with full reasoning and referencing your views on whether or not we are the only civilisation in the universe. ? Answers: Introduction This report is on the evolution of Earth and its formation that took place 2 billion years ago (Bansal, 2010). The formation of the land masses or continents are discussed. A short brief is presented about the ancient landmasses or continent like Ur, yilgarin, Vaalbara, Columbia, Atlantica and Artica. Unlike some other planets in the solar system, Earth has only one natural satellite, i.e., Moon. There are many theories to the formation of this natural satellite, i.e., Moon. A brief about the formation of moon is presented in his report. Description of the cellular life forms those were present in the Earth at the very beginning is presented in this report. Some views are also presented in this report about the subject that are we the only civilization in this world or not. This report is mainly about the evolution of life, planet and its natural satellite, i.e. moon. Formation Of Earth The historical backdrop of the Earth's crust can be deduced from different antiquated rocks and areas spread over the globe today (Bansal, 2010). A few lines of confirmation are utilized, for example, the structure of minerals and rocks, the stone strata, and so forth. Closeness of structure crosswise over geologically isolated locales can be seen at this very moment contiguity previously. Paleomagnetics and geochronology have additionally been utilized to build up connections between antiquated rocks. Over an era, presently solidifying procedure hindered, a few sections of the outside started to endure. These contain a portion of the most established shakes in presence today (Marshak, 2012). These persevering parts of the outside took after a turbulent history, some of the time uniting with other such parts to shape extensive landmasses, which then broke separated to send the pieces floating once more (Sumner, 2014). The vast majority of those that survived are a piece of antiquated cratons. Cratons are thick parts of today's mainland plates, which have amassed material from more established mainlands and developed thick. In fact, a craton has made due in any event a large portion of a billion years of mainland development/breakups. They are the steady inside parts of huge numbers of today's mainland plates, and the outside beneath them is thick, reaching out up to 200 km into the mantle. Cratons normally developed by a procedure of accumulation, where lighter materials from benea th (felsic shakes, for example, stone) floated upwards and accumulated. As the plates of the Earth collide and afterward in the end separate and float separated once more, parts of one plate can get to be connected to another and float away with it. Such sections are called terranes, and they are an essential pointer of sidelong developments in the Earth's covering, and give proof from which the developments may be reasoned. Some of the continents that were formed in the early stage when the Earth was in unstable conditions are: Yilgarn: It was one of the largest craton, which shaped the greater part of the Western Australian landmass. The vast majority of this craton conformed to 2.94 to 2.63 billion years prior, yet it contains parts that are much more seasoned, starting in terranes, which pre-dated it altogether. Vaalbara: It was a supercontinent from the Paleoarchean formed, around 3.3 billion years prior. Vaalbara was most likely no greater than Australia is today. It is called "supercontinent" only because it was one of the greatest landmass around. The greater part of the Earth was sea, with scattered islands. Ur: It was one of the earliest mainlands, conjectured by John Rogers at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was contemplating the topography of Southern India in the late 80's, during that time a large number of the world's old cratons were first being precisely dated. He noticed that the South Indian craton was around 3 billion years of age, and on the off chance that you followed its development back to when it was a piece of Pangaea, it was encompassed by various different cratons, additionally going back 3 billion years. It was a lot of an incident to expect cratons of a comparative age to simply bunch together in the same district of Pangaea, unless they were truth be told related. Rogers theorized that these cratons were truth be told a piece of an antiquated 3 billion old landmass, which he named Ur, that survived billions of years until it at long last parted ways with the separation of Pangaea. Arctica: It was shaped 2.5 billion years prior to the creation of cratons of the Canadian Shield or Kenorland mainland, the Siberian cratons, and the Greenland and Wyoming cratons. It was generally arranged at the present North Pole at the time, subsequently the name. Atlantica: It was shapedaround 2 billion years prior, in the region that is now known as Southern Atlantic Ocean. It was mainly composed of prehistoric cratons where Central and West Africa, and Rio Plato, Sao Francisco and Brazil cratons. Columbia: This was the first genuine supercontinent, shaped generally between the time of 2 - 1.8 billion years prior. This included Ur, and Nena, Arctica and Atlantica. It began dividing around 1.5 billion years prior. A percentage of the confirmation for Columbia incorporates: The fit between the mid-Proterozoic fracture valleys in Eastern India and North America The vicinity of 2 billion year old fluvio-deltaic stores in all cratons in South America and West Africa The vicinity of petrologically and attractively comparative shakes in Arizona and Western Russia Formation Of Moon The principal hypothesis keeps up that the moon was previously a planet, with a circle around the sun like that of the earth. The moon came closer to the Earths atmosphere and got caught by the gravity of the Earth. For such a catch to happen, the speeds, strengths, and relative situating of the earth, moon, and sun would need to have been so gently adjusted that such a fortuitous event would be about inconceivable. It is excessively likely that the moon would have either slammed into the earth, or passed close it, and afterward proceeded on its way around the sun without framing an earth circle. The principal hypothesis keeps up that the moon was previously a planet, with a circle around the sun like that of the earth. Eventually in the not very removed past (under two billion years back), the moon verged on the earth, and was "caught" by it. This hypothesis, while maybe conceivable, can be basically discounted by the law of likelihood. For such a catch to happen, the speeds, powers, and relative situating of the earth, moon, and sun would need to have been so carefully adjusted that such a fortuitous event would be about unthinkable. It is very likely that the moon would have either crashed into the earth, or passed close it, and afterward proceeded on its way around the sun without framing an earth circle. Regardless of the fact that many bodies the measure of the earth and with comparative circles were circumnavigating the sun, the chances that one of these bodies would shape a circle around the earth would not considerably increment. A crash, while exceptionally unlikely , would have been much more probable than a catch. First Cellular Life Forms The stone record gives us with remarkable proof to testing models concerning when and where cell life initially showed up on Earth. Microfossils found in antiquated rocks from Australia and South Africa exhibit that physical life thrived by 3.5 billion years back (Kulp, 2014). More seasoned rocks from Greenland, 3.9 billion years of age, contain isotopic carbon, carbon that could just have fit in with a living life form. The early environment of the Earth was an auxiliary air from volcanic out gassing, extremely CO2-rich with minimal free O2. A percentage of the earliest known single celled eukaryote fossils are acritarchs, which get to be obvious at around 2.1 billion years prior. Actually, acritarchs are the most well known fossils of the late Proterozoic. One of the explanations behind enthusiasm for the early sea and environment is that they frame the conditions under which life first emerged. There are numerous models, yet little agreement, on how life rose up out of non-living chemicals; concoction frameworks that have been made in the research facility still miss the mark concerning the base unpredictability as a profession creature. The initial phase in the rise of life may have been substance responses that created a large number of the more straightforward natural mixes, including nucleobases and amino acids that are the building pieces of life (Rozanov, 2011). The capacity to use atmospheric NO2 to support life that is more widespread was thought to have appeared approximately about 2 billion years prior. Indeed, even the most established specimens, 3.2 billion years of age 75 percent of the path back to the conception of the planet demonstrated substance confirm that life was hauling nitrogen out of the air. The proportion of heavier to lighter nitrogen iotas fits the example of nitrogen-altering compounds contained in single-celled creatures, and does not coordinate any compound responses that happen without. Whether Or Not We Are The Only Civilization A troubling observation that is subject to multiple speculations is the existence of aliens or any other forms of life. One simple possible solution to the Great Silence is that nobody exists which is not possible to believe. Enrico Fermi in this context posed a question Where is everybody? and why havent anyone experienced the presence of extraterrestrial civilization (Webb, 2002). Fermi is not convinced because he believes that our galaxy is around 13 billion years old and is a long time for the aliens to explore and colonize which never happened. There are other evidences that point out to the fact that the Earth is the only civilized planet in the universe. Michael Hart is of the view that the space faring life in the Milky Way revealed the exclusive presence of the aliens as they are non-existent in space faring (Basalla, 2006). This cannot be considered as the major reason for the sole existence of our planet. There are many instances that could have posed as a constraint for t he aliens to explore the space which includes reluctance to space faring or technological intractability or it can also be the case that the aliens never existed. In spite of the several discoveries on the habitable exoplanets, there are numerous reasons to believe that the Earth is unique. Paul Davies, an astronomer stated that the planet must meet two requirements f habitation. First is that the planet must be suitable and the second is the emergence of life (Gribbin, 2011). It is known that life exists on five elements: sulfur, phosphorus, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon (SPONC). These heavy elements became concentrated in the interstellar medium to permit life only recently. Planets that are near to older stars have low SPONC but relatively young stars like Earth where emergence of life is possible (Meadows, 2007). So humanity is the sole civilization in the universe. Another Rare Earth Hypothesis where the recent findings in astronomy, paleontology and biology, Peter Ward (paleontolog ist) and Donald Brownlee (astronomer) suggested that our planet is the rare in the cosmos (Forgan and Rice, 2010). A new theory was also developed that states that there are 17 billion Earth sized planets in the galaxy which proves that the Universe is sparkling with life (Vakoch and Harrison, 2011). Conclusion The Earth which is perceived to be formed about 4.6 billion years ago, evolved due to the collisions in the cloud of material that was giant disc shaped. The paper further deals in the formation of the planet during the first two billion years in which the moons formation has also been discussed. This paper also throws light in the context of the impact of the first cellular life forms. Lastly, it has been explored that the Earth is the only form of civilization that exists in the Universe. It is quite intriguing to absorb the solutions but these solutions and arguments seem somewhat unsatisfactory. If it has been proved that, the Earth is the only civilization in the universe then it can be said that the future is open-ended. References Bansal, S. (2010). Theory of Earth Formation.Journal of Earth Science Climatic Change, 1(1). Cowen, R. (2000). An Early Cosmic Wallop for Life on Earth?.Science News, 158(23), p.357. Grossman, L. (2010). Earth: Shields were up on early Earth: Magnetic field formed in time to protect nascent life.Science News, 177(7), pp.12-12. Kulp, T. (2014). Early earth: Arsenic and primordial life.Nature Geosci, 7(11), pp.785-786. MacKenzie, D. (2012). Biological clock began ticking 2.5 billion years ago.New Scientist, 214(2865), p.9. Marshak, S. (2012).Earth. New York: W.W. Norton. Multicellular life could be 2.1 billion years old. (2010).New Scientist, 207(2767), p.8. Rozanov, A. (2011). Life on early Earth.SPIE Newsroom. Sumner, T. (2014). Earth Environment: Impacts probably stifled early life: Giant asteroids hit Earth until about 4.3 billion years ago.Science News, 186(4), pp.13-13. Wickramasinghe, J., Wickramasinghe, C. and Napier, B. (2010).Comets and the origin of life. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific. Yeager, A. (2014). Earth Environment: Huge space rock rattled Earth 3 billion years ago.Science News, 185(10), pp.16-16. Basalla, G. (2006).Civilized life in the universe. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Forgan, D. and Rice, K. (2010). Numerical testing of the Rare Earth Hypothesis using Monte Carlo realization techniques.International Journal of Astrobiology, 9(02), p.73. Gribbin, J. (2011).Alone in the universe. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Meadows, A. (2007).The future of the universe. London: Springer. Vakoch, D. and Harrison, A. (2011).Civilizations beyond earth. New York: Berghahn Books. Webb, S. (2002).If the universe is teeming with aliens ... where is everybody?. New York: Copernicus Books in association with Praxis Pub.

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The Move Essays - Hamar, , Term Papers, Research Papers

The Move The two neighborhoods that I grew up in are Rogers Court and Hamar Drive I lived on Rogers Court from the time I was born until I was 11 years old. My family and I then moved to Hamar Drive. The two neighborhoods were both in Pleasant Hill, but they were very different in many ways. Rogers Court was extremely friendly; it had small houses and was a very close-knit neighborhood, not to mention my best friend lived across the street. Hamar Drive had snotty people; big houses and no one knew anybody. Rogers Court! Just hearing the name makes me smile. The neighborhood was just like a family since everyone knew each other and the parents looked out for each other's children. The street had a cozy look to it. The front yards looked like a huge kid's playroom. The houses on Rogers Court all looked the same because they all had the same floor plan, and built by the same people. All the houses were one story with huge backyards. Each house was a different color, like red, brown and one was as blue as the sky. Every front yard had a different tree from the next one, they all had different bushes and mail boxes. My yard had a tree that dropped little round balls that had little things poking out of them, we called these things monkey balls. You couldn't run across the yard bare foot because you would step on them and they hurt. When driving down Rogers Court children everywhere. The boys were usually on their bikes chasing the girls and the girls were playing with dolls or just talking. When all the kids got together we would usually play freeze tag or play in someone's back yard. At night we would play laser tag. It was a lot of fun because it was dark and we would run around and shoot each other. The boys always would team up against the girls; therefore they always won. Sometimes we would go to the church behind my house and play in the playground, other times we would go to the old women across the street whom we called Grandma Heath. She had a rock shed that we called the rock house. We would play house in there for hours. Grandma Heath would make us dress up clothes and she always made us lunch. When people drove up and down the street they drove slow, making sure not to hit kids or pets. Everyone had cats. There were so many cats that it was hard to keep track of all of them. I think that some of the cats were from other neighborhoods. We were the only family to have a dog, her name was Coco; and she would protect the kids. If someone came in the back yard she would bark and bark so much that my parents would come out to see whom it was. It was always just a neighbor checking up on their kid. Then the parents would stay and talk for a while about what was going on with each other's family. I lived on Rogers Court until I was 11 years old, then my family and I moved to Hamar Drive I lived with my parents on Hamar Drive until I graduated from high school then I moved out on my own. The move to Hamar Dr was at first exciting. We were moving from a one story house to a two story house and I was going to have my own bedroom. I can remember driving down the street and wondering where were the kids. I thought to myself who am I going to play with? I can remember all the houses were the same color white with blue trim and the lawns looked like they were for decoration and the not for playing on. All the houses had front yards that were small. Every yard had the same tree a Fruitless Mulberry. In the winter they were cut back and they looked ugly. In the fall all the leaves fell to the ground. My brother, sister and I were supposed to go out and rake up the leaves. We would always

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Prendre Conjugation in French, Translation, and Examples

Prendre Conjugation in French, Translation, and Examples The French verb prendre,  which commonly means to take,  is a frequently used and very flexible  irregular French -re verb. The good news is that  prendre can help you learn similar verbs. In this article you can find the different meanings and the most frequently used prendre conjugations: the present, present progressive, compound past, imperfect, simple future, near future indicative, the conditional, the present subjunctive, as well as the imperative and the gerund of prendre. There are other verb tenses for prendre, but they are not used as frequently. For example, the passà © simple and imperfect subjunctive are formal and most often found in writing. Prendre Is the Model for an Irregular -re Verb Subgroup There are patterns for irregular French  -re verbs, and  prendre  is in one of those groups. In fact, all verbs ending in the root word  -prendre  are conjugated the same way. These verbs drop the d in all three plural forms and take a double n in the third person plural.   This means that after you learn the conjugations for  prendre, you can apply what you learned to conjugate these other verbs: Apprendre   to learnComprendre  Ã‚  to understandEntreprendre  Ã‚  to undertakeMà ©prendre  Ã‚  to mistakeReprendre  Ã‚  to retake, take againSurprendre  Ã‚  to surprise The Many Meanings of Prendre The verb  prendre  usually means to take, both literally and figuratively. Il ma pris par le bras.  Ã‚  He took me by the arm.Tu peux prendre le livre.  Ã‚  You can take the book.Je vais prendre une photo.  Ã‚  Im going to take a picture.Prenez votre temps. Take your time. Prendre  is such a flexible verb that it can change meanings based on the context. The following is a list of some of the uses of prendre, although there are many more. Prendre  can mean to come over or to strike: La colà ¨re ma pris.   I was overcome with anger.Quest-ce qui te prend  ?  (informal)   Whats come over you? Whats the matter with you? Prendre may also mean to catch in instances such as: Je lai pris tricher.   I caught him cheating. There are times when prendre  will take on the meaning of to take in, to dupe, or to fool: On ne my prendra plus !   They wont fool me again! You may also use prendre when you want to say to handle or to deal with: Il y a plusieurs moyens de prendre le problà ¨me.   There are several ways to deal with the problem. One of your options for saying to set is a form of  prendre: Le ciment na pas encore pris. The cement hasnt set yet.   When you want to say to do well, to catch on, or to be successful you can also turn to  prendre: Ce livre va prendre.   This book is going to be a great success. Sometimes, prendre  can even mean to catch or to start: Jespà ¨re que le bois va prendre.   I hope the wood catches on fire. Finally, prendre  can also mean to pick up or to fetch, especially when used with another verb: Passe me prendre midi.   Come pick me up at noon.Peux-tu me prendre demain  ? Can you pick me up tomorrow? Using Se Prendre The  pronominal  se prendre  has several meanings as well. To consider oneself:  Il se prend pour un expert.   He thinks hes an expert.To get caught, trapped:  Ma manche sest prise dans la porte.   My sleeve got caught in the door. You may also use  sen prendre , which means  to blame, to challenge, or to attack: Tu ne peux ten prendre qu toi-mà ªme.   You only have yourself to blame.Il sen est pris son chien.   He took it out on his dog. Similarly, the construction  sy prendre   means to do something about it: Il faut sy prendre.   We have to do something about it. We have to take care of it. Expressions With Prendre There are many  idiomatic expressions  using the French verb  prendre.  Among the most common are these which you can use to practice your  prendre  conjugations. Prendre sa retraite   to retirePrendre une dà ©cision   to make a decisionPrendre  un pot  (informal) to have a drinkQuest-ce qui ta pris  ?   Whats gotten into you?Être pris   to be tied up, busy Present Indicative Je prends Je prends le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. I have breakfast at 7 in the morning. Tu prends Tu prends le train pour aller travailler. You take the train to go to work. Il/Elle/On prend Elle prend un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. She has a glass of wine at the end of the day. Nous prenons Nous prenons beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. We take many photos during the trip. Vous prenez Vous prenez le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. You take the book from the library. Ils/Elles prennent Ils prennent des notes en classe. They take notes in class. Present Progressive Indicative The present progressive in French is formed with the present tense conjugation of the verb à ªtre (to be) en train de the infinitive verb (prendre). Je suis en train de prendre Je suis en train de prendre le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. I am having breakfast at 7 in the morning. Tu es en train de prendre Tu es en train de prendre le train pour aller travailler. You are taking the train to go to work. Il/Elle/On est en train de prendre Elle est en train de prendre un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. She is having a glass of wine at the end of the day. Nous sommes en train de prendre Nous sommes en train de prendre beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. We are taking many photos during the trip. Vous à ªtes en train de prendre Vous à ªtes en train de prendre le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. You are taking the book from the library. Ils/Elles sont en train de prendre Ils sont en train de prendre des notes en classe. They are taking notes in class. Compound Past Indicative The  passà © composà ©Ã‚  is translated to English as the simple past. It is formed using the auxiliary verb  avoir  and the past participle  pris.  For example, we took is  nous avons pris. Je ai pris J'ai pris le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. I had breakfast at 7 in the morning. Tu as pris Tu as pris le train pour aller travailler. You took the train to go to work. Il/Elle/On a pris Elle a pris un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. She had a glass of wine at the end of the day. Nous avons pris Nous avons pris beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. We took many photos during the trip. Vous avez pris Vous avez pris le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. You took the book from the library. Ils/Elles ont pris Ils ont pris des notes en classe. They took notes in class. Imperfect Indicative The imperfect tense is used to talk about ongoing events or repeated actions in the past. It can be translated to English as was taking or used to take. Je prenais Je prenais le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. I used to eat breakfast at 7 in the morning. Tu prenais Tu prenais le train pour aller travailler. You used to take the train to go to work. Il/Elle/On prenait Elle prenait un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. She used to have a glass of wine at the end of the day. Nous prenions Nous prenions beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. We used to take many photos during the trip. Vous preniez Vous preniez le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. You used to take the book from the library. Ils/Elles prenaient Ils prenaient des notes en classe. They used to take notes in class. Simple Future Indicative Je prendrai Je prendrai le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. I will eat breakfast at 7 in the morning. Tu prendras Tu prendras le train pour aller travailler. You will take the train to go to work. Il/Elle/On prendra Elle prendra un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. She will have a glass of wine at the end of the day. Nous prendrons Nous prendrons beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. We will take many photos during the trip. Vous prendrez Vous prendrez le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. You will take the book from the library. Ils/Elles prendront Ils prendront des notes en classe. They will take notes in class. Near Future Indicative The near future is translated to English as going to verb. In French it is formed with the present tense conjugation of the verb aller (to go) the infinitive (prendre). Je vais prendre Je vais prendre le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. I am going to eat breakfast at 7 in the morning. Tu vas prendre Tu vas prendre le train pour aller travailler. You are going to take the train to go to work. Il/Elle/On va prendre Elle va prendre un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. She is going to have a glass of wine at the end of the day. Nous allons prendre Nous allons prendre beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. We are going to take many photos during the trip. Vous allez prendre Vous allez prendre le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. You are going to take the book from the library. Ils/Elles vont prendre Ils vont prendre des notes en classe. They are going to take notes in class. Conditional The conditional is used to talk about hypothetical or possible events. It can be used to form if clauses or to express a polite request. Je prendrais Je prendrais le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin si j'avais le temps. I would eat breakfast at 7 in the morning if I had the time. Tu prendrais Tu prendrais le train pour aller travailler si c'à ©tait moins coà »teux. You would take the train to go to work if it were less expensive. Il/Elle/On prendrait Elle prendrait un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e si elle n'à ©tait trop fatiguà ©e. She would have a glass of wine at the end of the day if she were not too tired. Nous prendrions Nous prendrions beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage si nous avions une bonne camà ©ra. We would take many photos during the trip if we had a good camera. Vous prendriez Vous prendriez le livre de la bibliothà ¨que si vous le vouliez. You would take the book from the library if you wanted it. Ils/Elles prendraient Ils prendraient des notes en classe s'ils pouvaient. They would take notes in class if they could. Present Subjunctive You will use the subjunctive whenever the action of taking is uncertain. Que je prenne Marie propose que je prenne le petit dà ©jeuner 7 heures du matin. Marie proposes that I eat breakfast at 7 in the morning. Que tu prennes Jacques suggà ¨re que tu prennes le train pour aller travailler. Jacques suggests that you take the train to go to work. Qu'il/elle/on prenne Anne conseille qu'elle prenne un verre de vin la fin de la journà ©e. Anne advises that shehave a glass of wine at the end of the day. Que nous prenions Notre mà ¨re exige que nous prenions beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage. Our mother demands that we take many photos during the trip. Que vous preniez Laurent prà ©fà ¨re que vous preniez le livre de la bibliothà ¨que. Laurent prefers that you take the book from the library. Qu'ils/elles prennent Le professeur souhaite qu'ils prennent des notes en classe. The professor wishes that they take notes in class. Imperative When using  prendre  in the  imperative  to express a command, you do not need to state the subject pronoun. For instance, use  prends  rather than  tu prends. To form the negative commands, simply place ne...pas around the positive command. Positive commands Tu prends ! Prends le train pour aller travailler ! Take the train to go to work! Nous prenons! Prenons beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage ! Let's take many photos during the trip! Vous preniez! Preniez le livre de la bibliothà ¨que ! Take the book from the library! Negative commands Tu ne prends pas ! Ne prends pas le train pour aller travailler ! Don't take the train to go to work! Nous ne prenons pas! Ne prenons pas beaucoup de photos pendant le voyage ! Let's not take many photos during the trip! Vous ne preniez pas! Ne preniez pas le livre de la bibliothà ¨que ! Don't take the book from the library! Present Participle/Gerund The  present participle  in French has several different uses. One of them is to form the gerund (usually preceded by the preposition en), which is often used to talk about simultaneous actions. Present participle/gerund ofPrendre prenant Je t'ai vu en prenant mon petit dà ©jeuner. I saw you while I was eating my breakfast.

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Gun contol ( i am for it) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gun contol ( i am for it) - Research Paper Example For instance, in New York, one must have a permit in order to buy short guns, rifles and hand guns. Other states such as Montana and Maine do allow people to have possession of handguns, rifles, and short guns having no license and permits. As for the case of Washington D.C, there is a background check for all guns sold even by private individuals. Not all the states allow gun sales without strict regulations. In some states, no one below the age of twenty-one can own a gun. In Morton Grove, a small village in Illinois does not allow the possession of handguns by its inhabitants. The federal laws enacted can be weaker that the state and municipality laws enacted on the regulation of gun use and its possession by the citizens. When there is a case where a given state or municipality has weak or no regulation, then the federal law is enacted to create order. The set laws burn the sale of firearms to children, criminals and the people who do not have a clear sanity with mental illness. This helps in ensuring that the guns in supply are under control. There is need to control the supply of guns in the market as they are prone to misuse. Attorney General John Ashcroft in a letter to the NRA in 2001, agreed with arguments of gun rights proponents saying that the second amendment allows individuals to have the right to bear arms, this could pose a risk since not all the guns issued be monitored and their use proved to be of right purpose. A poll conducted by ABC gave an explanation that the Americans are in support of gun control laws though they doubt the measures put in place. It showed that 63% of Americans vote for a stricter gun control policy put in place. This study showed that the opinion of a greater percentage of citizens know the risk of living in a society with rampant spread of firearms. This may threaten the safety of the citizen in cases of in security. Scholars have argued out that the question of gun ownership should be personal.